Vintage Label Images

Here is some history we dug up on Black Cat Gum

we cannot confirm the accuracy of anything but it makes for a good read nontheless.

  In 1929 Mackintosh's purchased Anglo-American Chewing Gum Ltd and later changed the name to Anglo American Confectionery

  In 1930 the Irish business of Mackintosh and Rowntree merged to form the Associated Chocolate and Confectionery Co. Ltd.

  They had a Joint working arrangement with Rowntree and Co. for the manufacture of chewing gum which then led to the formation of Allied Confectionery Manufacturers Ltd and in 1939 the two firms merged and re-organised as one company.

  In 1960 Anglo-American Chewing Gum Ltd. Halifax, became Anglo Confectionery Ltd. Halifax with its main office at 1-3 District Bank Chambers, George Square, Halifax, producing Anglo Bubbly, XL, Bell Boy and Green Cat in 1971.

  Ron Embleton was the artist who drew the early Captain Scarlet comic strips as well as Stingray strips. He could possibly be the original artist behind the Black Cat Gum logo as well.

  Anglo also produced Magic Cat Bubble Gum, Green Cat gum, Purple Cat gum, Black eye gum. 

This is another re-draw we did

from an original label design

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This is another vintage gum wrapper, we have re-touched the art for clarity.


Anglo tried a few different brand names with the same Black licorice gum

We apologize for the delay in our launch - we will not produce the gum unless it is right.

We are having a very hard time getting samples produced with the correct flavour and a long enough lasting flavour.
We have once again switched suppliers and will post updates as soon as there is something to report